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I am Ashitha Thomas. A Personal Stylist, Designer and Colour Analysis Expert.


After refining my skills at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), I've dedicated my career to encourage individuality and self-expression through clothing. I leverage fashion to accentuate my clients' unique traits and confidence.

Get Unstyled™ Community

Get Unstyled™ with Ashitha is  a community for all who struggle like I did, with body image issues, lack self-confidence, or simply need some support and motivation to stay on track while trying to achieve their style  goals. We aim to create a safe space where women support women and help each other to achieve their individual body and style goals. 


Please note that, We do not intent be an alternative to/ replace  expert solutions like nutrition and healthcare, but we focus on sharing experiences, struggles, ideas, and encouragement so that each one of strive to achieve the health, body, skin, hair and style goals YOU have set for yourself.


Twice every week, we hold a lovely group chat on WhatsApp. Chats will be open for 2 hours on these day as per pre announced timing only so that there is no notifications that can distract you throughout the day. 


You are free to share your outfit of the day (OOTD) photos, hair, skin, makeup, experiences, struggles, routines, achievements, ideas, and encouragement. There will be ONE Ask me Anything Session every week, where you can get your style doubts answered.


I will send you one STYLE TIP per day via WhatsApp. These tips can be easily applied in your daily life and will include color combinations to try, simple ways to upgrade your style, tips for maintaining a sustainable wardrobe, and ways to save money and time on fashion and much more.


More events, activities and challenges are also part of the plan with exciting gifts! 


So, come on in! 


And,  Let's get Unstyled™! 

My Story

“Too FAT! Too THIN!"
My journey with body image has been a rollercoaster.
My style was always a mess. The irony is, I am a Fashion Designer who graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology with a Most Innovative Designer tag.
I was very slim for the major part of my life and had frizzy curly hair and I was taunted for the same.
A rough patch in life led to severe depression and I spiralled into unhealthy eating habits, gaining 20 kgs. 
My skin broke out, my hormones were a mess. I still remember people, bluntly asking me, “How did you become soooo fat”. 
I gave up on my personal style, and I even lost my interest to work in fashion.
I never gave up working on my mental health.
Slowly, I regained control. I started to workout, eat better and got back to my starting weight which was 48kgs. But I was happier. I was healthier, inside and out. My skin and hair improved.
I started to embrace my style. I experimented with myself, and found my unique strengths.
The journey from 48 to 68 and back to 48 kgs taught me that it’s not about the number on the scale or expensive outfits, but about feeling truly happy inside makes you strong and confident. 
Working on myself and achieving my goals helped me break free from societal expectations and body standards.
I still face body shaming. But now, when someone tries to body shame me, I can proudly say I love the way I am. I won’t change for anyone.
Unstyled™ is born amidst this chaos. Because I believe that your style is within you, just as mine was. And I will be there to guide you along your style journey.
Unstyled™ is for all who struggle with body image issues, lack self-confidence, or wish to improve personal style, and grow beyond their insecurities.
So, Let’s get Unstyled. Together ❤️ 

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